Microsoft Word document

Submit a Microsoft Word document containing one of the annotated bibliography entries for you IS Report. The document should include a header in the top left with your name, course information, and assignment title. Submit an electronic copy via Blackboard and a paper copy in class.

Report Details:
Each student will research an appropriate MIS topic, discuss potential references using an annotated bibliography, and provide a summary of their findings. The annotated bibliography should descriptive or informative and must include 5 relevant sources (dictionary definitions, .coms, Wikipedia, blogs are not considered relevant). References must come from scholarly and popular press sources – use both types of sources. Use APA format for the bibliography. Each annotation should be 150 to 300 words, and the summary should be 250 to 500 words. Type all deliverables using font size 12.

The assignment should be a review of a MIS application or concept, not a product review. The assignment should emphasize a type of MIS, businesses who have used it, and the success of the MIS according to those businesses. Examples of possible topics could be: data warehousing used by FedEx, electronic commerce for small businesses, geographic information systems that help first responders, MIS for health care, expert systems used for replacing physicians, ethics in MIS, review of how various companies actually use MIS, cyberwarfare, etc.

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