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Include at least 250 words in your reply. Indicate at least one source or reference in your original post. You can use your textbook or current research articles. Please see the rubric for information on how I will assess your discussion post (link at top of online classroom in the Course Resources section).

Also, post a reply to one of your classmates.Include at least 125 words. Add to the discussion. Do not just say, good job, way to go, etc. Your discussion question responses should reflect an understanding of the situation and the reading materials. Please see the rubric for information on how I will assess the reply to your classmate.

QUESTION: How would one distinguish between an organizational weakness and a threat to the organization?


A weakness is a limitation, blame, or imperfection in the association that will shield it from accomplishing its objectives.Weaknesses prevent an association from performing at its ideal dimension. They are zones where the business needs to improve to stay aggressive: things like higher-than-industry normal turnover, large amounts of obligation, an insufficient inventory network or absence of capital

A threat is any negative situation in the association’s condition that is possibly harming to its procedure. The threat might be an obstruction, a constraint, or anything external that may cause issues, harm or injury.Threats alludes to factors that can possibly hurt an association. Other basic threats incorporate things like increasing expenses for information sources, expanding rivalry, tight work supply, etc.

A threat is basically external compared to weakness as the former is mostly about the changes or issues that you have it in the company compared to a threat which is about outside forces. For example, Samsung and Apple are the biggest rivals and what Apple makes Samsung tries to tackle it or post new advertisements showing how Apple is not as great as Samsung is. Also, another example would be raising the price of the raw material can cause change in the price which is not in your control but especially in retail business increasing the price doesn’t align good with the consumers as any increase in the price will push them away and not increasing the price will decline the profit margin for the companies.

Few of the examples of threats are:

  • Aging population
  • Increase in raw material
  • better product
  • Rivalry

Examples of Weakness:

  • Increase in salary
  • Inaccurate data
  • Poor customer services
  • DiscussionQuestionRubric.docx
  • forumpost_12686_1397754_109973_2258107.txt.pdf

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