Module 5 Essay

Essay Overview:

Each module will require that you write and submit a thoughtful essay, of 1500 to 2000 words, in response to ANY ONE of the several essay question choices provided within that module.

The assigned essay question is drawn directly from its module’s assigned textbook readings. Your essay should provide a relevant, thorough, and detailed response to the essay question assigned. Draw directly upon our assigned reading in order to carefully craft your response.

Essay Instructions:

  1. Write and submit a thoughtful, thorough, substantial essay, of at least 1500 words, in direct response to ONE (your choice) of the Module 5 essay questions below.Draw directly upon our assigned textbook readings for this module in carefully crafting your detailed response.Please double-space your essay, include your name at the top of its first page, and be sure to cite all sources quoted or paraphrased from (even if it’s only our textbooks).Don’t forget to include a bibliography or “works cited” page at the end!This essay is DUE by the end of Module 5. Submit it to the Module 5 Essay Assignment dropbox no later than the last day of this module.

Module 5 Essay Questions:

(Choose just ONE to answer — either 1, 2, or 3):

  1. How plausible, in your view, is Dembski’s effort to reinstate design within science? Are his arguments in favor of such reinstatement sound? Are they successful in making their case? Why or why not?What is religious exclusivism? What problems does religious exclusivism possess? Is John Hick’s pluralistic solution ultimately plausible? Why or why not?What is MacIntyre’s argument for the necessity of independent knowledge of the just? Why must such knowledge be necessary? Does the requirement for an independent knowledge of the just, from that of our knowledge of God, lead us to Sartre’s atheism? Why or why not?


  • See the Grading Rubric attached to this assignment for grading information.Each essay must be written and submitted to its Assignment Dropbox before the end of its module. (See the Course Schedule for module start/end dates and due dates.)For additional guidance and helpful pointers to further assist you in successfully completing your essays, see Writing Philosophy Essays, Writing Thesis Statements, and Sample Essay in the Start Here module.

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