Personal Narrative Thesis, Organization, Vitality.

1. Read:“CEL- Personal Narrative Thesis, Organization, Vitality.” After reading this, you should also think about what we have talked about in class; refer to your notes.Write:After reading the PDF,You are to write a pre-rough draft. This is technically a rough draft, but you are not submitting it officially as your Essay 2 RD. This should be a complete essay, from introduction to conclusion.Highlight your thesis/revelation. Every essay should have a thesis. Review your notes and the PDF on the thesis from last essay.

Document Preview:

Well I’m going to talk about three things that already changed my life to the best. Before, I start over, I graduate from high school in 2009, so I apply to King Saud university in Saudi Arabia, but I couldn’t choose my major which is business because my GPA was 86% so I had other chooses which is psychology. I studded one semester and I did well because I like to know more about people. So right know I’m going to talk about the first thing changing my life and bring my happiness.

I wasn’t really sure about going to U.S completing my studies because when I apply to the visa, the U.S embassy told me that It will take too weeks to have your visa so I had been waiting for the visa about month and half, so I send a massing to the university to let them know that I will come late. In that time I was so sad about what happened, but after one week when I send the massing I got a text massing says “your passport is ready”, while I’m reading the text I was about to cry. Three days after I got the visa I was flight to Washington D.C and from Washington to charlotte, in that time I couldn’t spike English at all. Thais is one of my dreams to come to U.S.

The second, things I’m becoming to spike English and many things has been changed. I told one of my friends that I’m not going to learn how to spike and wright in English, but by the time I mad it and know I’m good in English.

While I’m in U. S, I got more experiences form many things I have done with it. For example when I was in my country I didn’t expect the things I’m doing it wright know which is the laundry, washing dishes, and I have my own apartment. Even though I’m more responsible form what I used to before.

Finally, studying in the university with American, and international student makes me existed to learn. Being in the university gave me more knowledge and love to learn so this is the most one of the tree thing which is changing my life to the best.

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