PESTL analysis.

Individually you are required to write an essay about macro analysis for a communication audit using at least one of tool that can be applied for a marketing research including marketing plan and marketing consultation such as PESTL analysis.The communication audit must be for a company NOT operating in Saudi Arabia.You are required to define the chosen tool and its elements as well as briefly describe it.It is recommended that you follow a theme for your essay.A theme can be about macro analysis applied in a specific industry/organization.The word limits for this essay is 750. 10% plus/minus is allowed.

For this essay there is an alternative option.This option requires you to submit an article about personal reflection of macro analysis in regards to modern communication in Saudi Arabia.As you are academic person, your personal reflection should come from academic sources as well as personal observation.Also, you must aim to share the article with news agent in Saudi Arabia.

Tasks to be Covered:Title:A title that captures the contents of the essayIntroduction:Include a highlight of its importance (a hook)Introduce the essay with brief informationThe aim of the essaySet up for coming sections
Main body· Present the chosen tools· Justify the choices· Show arguments from the literature· Reflection on your knowledgeConclusion· Recall the research aim· Explain how it achieved
Summarise the main key points from the main bodyAdditional Requirements: · Cover page, · Reference list and in-text citation (Harvard style) · Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 spacingReferencing your work:Harvard referencing is required when using any book, article, journal or online references in the assignment

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