Posted below is the case. Need a presentation completed.

Posted below is the case. Need a presentation completed. Attached below is a link to the paper on the case as well.

Should include Plaintiff vs Defendant, Case facts, Holding (who the court held responsible, who was negligent/ implicated, acts involved in the case legal and ethical), Reason (Why the court ruled, who was accountable, who is charged, what was committed), References in APA format

Organization of Information
(Clear introduction, content, and conclusion) 15

(Demonstrated an understanding of the material, ability to answer
questions from classmates and from Professor) 20

Analytical/Critical Thinking
(Demonstrated ability to think analytically and critically, take 15
information from different sources, and create something new)

Time Management Skills
(Demonstrated time management skills by delivering a clear, concise 20
presentation in 5-10 minutes)

On July 12. Jill had severe pain in the left side of her head while Ill work. She was not speaking coherently and eventually lost consciousness for a few moments. She was taken to her

physician’s office by a coworker. Jill’s physician ordered ‘CI some tests at the hospital’s

outpatient imaging center to rule out a transient ischemic attack (TIA!. A medical assistant at the

imaging center explained to Jill that her tests could not be scheduled until July 14.

Dan drove his wife Jill to her appointment. They arrived early on July 14 for her imaging

test. On their arrival at the imaging center. Dan dropped Jill off at the front entrance while he

searched for a parking space. Meanwhile Jill went into the center and handed her prescription

to Carol, a medical assistant al the front desk. Carol said to Jill, “I am sorry, but we cannot

perform your test. Your doctor faxed u’ on unsigned and undated order sheet. It is confusing as to what imaging studies he want’. He checked a box on the physician·s order ‘heel

indicating that he wanted a CT scan of the head. In 11ddition. then: was a handwritten note

on the fom1 indicating that your physician wants an MRI to rule out a TIA. We are not sure if

he wants one or both tests. You will have to get clarification from the physician as to exactly

what procedure he wants.· Dan. after having parking his wife’s car arrived at the front desk

and saw his wife somewhat distressed. Carol explained the problem to Dan. He asked Carol,

“Could you please contact the physician and ask him to clarify and fox back lo the center what

Test he wants?” Carol replied. ·we are very busy: however. You can use our phone and ask the physician to clarify his order and have him fa.x u’ a new order.· Jill interrupted. appearing

somewhat agitated. and asked. “What is your fax number?” Carol (pointing to a wall) replied.

“It is posted there on the wall by the phone. You can use that phone.” Carol suggested to Jill

that she complete the patient intake paperwork while Dan contacted Jill’s physician. Dan was

able to get a new faxed order. As the) waited for Jill to be called for her test’. with her eyes

tearing up, she turned to Dan and said. “This is how my last 6 years of life have been. fighting

this horrendous disease. What would I do without you?

ndividual Case Report 1

Individual Case Report 3

Jack Alcineus

Dr. Martin

Long Island University

4/9/19 Should the medical assistant have clarified the physician’s order prior to the patient’s arrival ?

The medical assistant should have clarified the order before the patient’s arrival due to the various reasons. One reason that they should be clarification prior to visiting is to save the patient from pain and reduce the suffering. Most patients are very ill and provision of immediate health care would enable saving of lives. The other reason is clarifying orders helps the patients and the doctors to plan and allocate enough time to carry out the diagnosis tests. The other reason why medical assistant should clarify physician order prior to patient’s arrival is to enhance efficiency and promote easy allocation and delegation of duties. Performing duties in time help the hospital in achieving its mission and vision statement of access to health care for all (Dahlkemper & Anderson, 2013). It also helps in creating a good rapport between doctors and patients as the time allocation enables the different parties to co-operate willingly.

Consider in your answer how Carol might have reacted if she was the patient or her spouse, parent or child “as the patient’!

She would be angered by the fact that she had been ordered to report in a specific day yet the medical assistant had not clarified the order. This is because she would be in pain and trying to fight back to receive medical services. She would also have been guilt considering she is a medical assistant and that she has not even bothered to confirm an order from the physician. She could also have reacted in an outburst full of sadness considering how she had failed to cater for a relative or spouse putting their lives on the line. She could also be remorseful, considering her position in the hospital to help patients visit their doctors would make her feel sorry considering how she handles the patients without a sense of humanity. Carol would also be disappointed if she was the patient by the poor services that are delivered in hospitals by the support staff.

Discuss’ what ethical issues you would be concerned with

I would be concerned with issues such as access to health care for all. This is because the patients were not being reached in time. The service delivery in the hospital was poor and needed s my improvements. According to State Board of Dental Examiners (2015) I would be concerned by the malpractice and negligence carried out by the medical staff. This is because the doctors did not provide the necessary details before considering the patient’s conditions. I would be concerned by the negligence the medical staffs carry out to the patients by not having time to check their prescriptions. This is because it causes death or leads to serious health issues and diseases such as cancer. I would also be concerned with the medical errors that occur in the hospital where doctors give prescriptions that are inappropriate and cannot be adhered to. I would also be concerned about patients’ confidentiality where it would require all medical staffs to pursue confidence while serving the customers as it will create hope in the lives of our patients. I would address these issues in order to improve the standards in service delivery.

What action would you take if you were a member of the governing body sitting in the waiting room observing this incident?

I would carry out institutional stewardship by intervening in the situation and helping the patient access the doctor in time without delay or cause harm to her life. I would also help the institution by creating awareness on the importance of service delivery to the patients. I would also help in building an enabled Information Technology platform where patient order can be easily accessed and checked into in time. I would also raise a concern to the board to terminate the jobs of the uncaring and reckless medical personnel in order to avoid medical errors that could destroy the reputation of the hospital. I would advocate for enhanced service delivery in compassion, respect and kindness to our patients (Pozgar, 2014).


Dahlkemper, T., & Anderson, M. (2013). Anderson’s nursing leadership, management, and professional practice for the LPN/LVN in nursing school and beyond. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

Pozgar, G. (2014). Legal and ethical issues for health professionals (4th Ed.). New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

State Bd. of Dental Examiners v. FTC, 135 S. Ct. 1101, 574 U.S. 1236, 191 L. Ed. 2d 35 (2015).

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