PowerPoint Presentation

A PowerPoint Presentation based on Two conflicts you have encountered. These conflicts can be work related or personal conflicts. The presentation will consist of 5 slides and must have at least 1 academic reference for each slide. Neither textbooks nor Wikipedia can be used as references. The cover slide and reference slide do not constitute part of the five slides. The presentation will follow APA format in a number 12 font, and will be due Wednesday.

For each slide, you are to only use bullet points and or pictures, diagrams, charts etc.

In the notes section of each slide, you are to write 85-100 words explaining the slide. Each group member is required to do this for each of their slides. You should use in-text citations and references. These must be in APA style.

You should put your name on each slide. Points will be deducted in the same manner as you requirements for the discussion posts.

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