Use the “Praise-Question-Polish” formula for replies: Remark on something your

response, and offer some constructive criticism (perhaps another way to think about the issue, an addition perspective as represented in another thread, a potential clarification on a question you or the author had in the response, etc).Focus on constructive criticism related to ideas or logic rather than on grammatical concerns.

o Respond in a minimum of 3 complete sentences. Providing less feedback than assigned will cost you points (-1 point per missing or short/ineffective reply).

#1)I like reading plays because you can tell how a character is by the way they talk and move and you can’t really get that from a book. I thought that this play was interesting. By reading the title I didn’t really know what to expect. The ending was sad and I wasn’t expecting it to end the way it did. It was a bit of a surprise but when I went back to the beginning and reread the background information and saw the year, then it made sense. I forgot about the soup a couple of times because Eddie would just ramble on and on and occasionally check on the soup and then I was like oh yeah. I knew something was going on or something happened just by the way Eddie was talking and Rob wasn’t. I started to question if Rob was actually there or if maybe he was an entity but he was actually physically there. The play was basically a very long drawn out monologue with a little dialogue at the end. I liked the part when Eddie was talking about using dishes and how that shows if you were there or not and how that came back at the end. There are some plays that you can tell a characters personality just by reading it and there are others that you have to just see on stage to see the interpretation of the character and this was one of the plays that you could tell the personality of the character just by reading it which I think is helpful because I’m not going to necessarily see this acted out.

#2)One of my favorite genres! This play is a prime example of why I love plays! There’s a lot of read between the lines within it. I believe two person plays are the best ones simply because it doesn’t matter if the amount of dialogue is equally shared, or if one character has more lines than the other, the context is always greatly executed. The beginning can go without being read due to Eddie being so authoritative over Rob, and Rob being so submissive. A bowl of soup is a metaphor for something that keeps them on track from their conversations that are not desired. For example, Eddie starts off telling Rob about the soup but then goes off on tangents about letting different people into their building complex. I also believed that Rob has a disability due to the way Eddie talks to him. He makes it seem as though Rob is not cable of doing for himself, and I think with the few lines he had, Rob made his ability to withstand, and his presence known. When he says “I know we were here”, it makes me feel as though he is and has been conscious to everything he has done, and everything Eddie has said to him.

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