Prepare and present a 6-8 minute persuasive speech live to at least three audience members

Prepare and present a 6-8 minute persuasive speech live to at least three audience members. Your speech should be designed to cause some change in your audience’s actions, not merely in their beliefs. Provide arguments as to why the audience should do things your way rather than continuing with their present behavior and anticipate and refute the audience’s reasons for saying “no.” Your persuasive intent should be reflected in your central idea and should be reinforced throughout the speech. The speech content must incorporate information from four credible references.At this point you should have selected a topic that you feel strongly about, as you will have a greater likelihood of success. Examples are as follows: reduce/reuse/recycle, donate to a cause (such as the Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, the Red Cross, the March of Dimes, sponsor you for a walk-a-thon).The speech should be delivered extemporaneously using your outline or note cards instead of writing out a full manuscript. Use one or more visual aids as described in the the course material. Have a question and answer period for 2-4 minutes following your presentation.Please post your speech outline and your sources in appropriate bibliographic format along with the link to your video. Persuasive Speech Evaluation Overall Considerations____ Did the speech promote identification among topic, audience, and speaker?____ Was the purpose of the speech clear?____ Was the topic handled with imagination and freshness?____ Did the speech meet high ethical standards?_____ 6-8 minute speech_____ at least three audience members_____ good responses to audience questions for 2-4 minutes_____ well-developed outline includedSubstance____ Were the main ideas supported with reliable and relevant information?____ Were the sources documented appropriately?____ Were examples or narratives used effectively?____ Were potential objections addressed?Structure____ Did the introduction spark listener interest and adequately preview the message?____ Was the speech easy to follow with clear main points?___ Were transitions used to tie the speech together?____ Did the conclusion summarize the message and help listeners remember the speech?Presentation____ Was the language clear, simple and direct?___ Were grammar and pronunciations correct?____ Was the speech presented extemporaneously/notes used unobtrusively?____ Did the speaker maintain good eye contact?____ Did gestures and body language complement ideas?____ Was the speaker’s voice expressive?____ Were the rate and loudness appropriate to the material?____ Did the speaker uses pauses appropriately?____ Were visual aids skillfully integrated into the speech?

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