Preparing Human Resource Manager Plan

You are the Human Resource Director at a company that has decided to adopt a

“cost leadership” competitive strategy. Its main goal is to increase its sales by 30% within 1 year.

Currently you have forty salespeople. Five of them are going to retire within 3 months. The others have attended their last training course (a 2 days course on sales techniques – basic) four years ago.

Considering that strategy, business goal and workforce situation, you are required to prepare a HRM plan containing:

an introductory description of the link between your organization’s business strategy and your HRM strategy;

your employment planning and forecasting strategy;

your recruitment and selection activities; you will also prepare a job description and job specification for the profile(s) that you think you should hire;

the test(s) that you would use employee selection;

the way in which you are going to interview the candidates explaining:

type(s) of interview

types of questions, with examples

the training process and training methods that you will adopt for the newly hired employee(s);

the performance appraisal system and tools that you will utilize;

the total reward package for the employee(s) that you will decide to hire.

a comprehensive approach to retaining employees.

Please justify all your choices.

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