Presentation for the topics

Final – Value 120 Max.


The Final for the class is the following:

Create a Power Point Slide Presentation for the topics of either of the subjects below:

 Microsoft Excel or 
 Microsoft Access or
 Chapter 12 - System Analysis and Design or
Chapter 13 - Programming Languages

The presentation must have at least 12 slides and must include a title slide with your name, class number and topic and a conclusion slide as part of the 12 slide minimum. While there is no maximum number of slides, it should be reasonable number for the content.

For Microsoft Excel or Access, the topics that are to be covered are in the attached document. You must cover 3 or more topics in your presentation. Do not mix subjects – I.E. do not cover an Excel subject topic and a MS Access subject topic. Cover only Excel or Access or Chapter 12 or Chapter 13.

You must explicitly show in the presentation what section you are covering – I.E.

       Excel Section 2.6 Aligning Cells

Chapter 13 – Programming and Languages – Program Specification.

Your grade will be based on the content of the presentation as well as the quality of the power point presentation itself. Any external sources of information will help your grade. Good use of Power Point animations and transitions will help your grade.

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