BMM 300



Kendesign a Ghanaian based textile firm is intending to venture into the Kenyan market in 2020.

The firm specializes in African print design with its product mix ranging from men, women,

youth and kids wear. The designs include casual wear, official, traditional and occasional

clothes. The entrepreneurs’ plan to enter the Kenyan market is informed by the success stories in

Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Tanzania where the company ventured 10years, 7years and 4 years ago

respectively. The top management is interested in understanding the marketing environment in

Kenya particularly socio-cultural and economic. Some managers argue that it is different from

the three other African markets. Further, the management is bothered about how to price,

distribute and promote its designs in Kenya despite the optimism some have in the market. The

optimism is informed by the fact that the Kenyan economy just transitioned to middle income

status. Other managers also want questions on how to segment, target, position and profile the

customers and market in Kenya answered. Overall majority of the top management are optimistic

that Kendesign in Kenya will be a cash cow and they are looking forward into exploiting the

opportunities in African fashion industry in Kenya. In fact, the CEO Kofyi Kwensi is very

excited about the idea. You are the marketing expert tasked with answering the following

questions to the Kendesign top management.

a) Describe five socio-cultural environmental factors that may be favorable towards

Kendesigns. In each case justify your answer (10marks)

b) Illustrate how Kendesign should segment the Kenyan market (5marks)

c) Explain five target markets Kendesign is likely to do well in and why? (5marks)

d) Advise the top management on the distribution channels and outlets, pricing strategies and

promotion methods the company can adopt to ensure success in Kenya. In each case justify your answer.


1. This assignment is based on certain topics in the notes/module therefore you are expected to

read the notes on environment, segmentation, the marketing mix elements and any other

relevant topic to answer the questions above.

*Do not guess or use general knowledge..this will attract a zero grade.

2. All answers must be related to the case above so I expect zero levels of plagiarism

3. Do not copy the notes…explain your answers in your own words

4. All work must be in times roman 12 and 1.5 spacing

5. All referencing should be in APA style.

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