Process Analysis

ASSIGNMENT 8: Process Analysis


Assignment 8 continues to build on skills covered in earlier assignments. At the same time, it introduces the importance of graphics in Technical Writing documents and the common task of describing a sequence of events in chronological order.

As always, begin by reading the assignment details on page 28 of your textbook.

Page 28:

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Be sure to consult the supplemental materials at the back of your textbook, including:

· The discussion of process writing on page 158.

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· The section on graphics in technical writing on page 174.

· The example diagrams on page 198.

Also, carefully read the sample process analysis papers that begin on page 29, paying particular attention to how the authors cite their diagrams.


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Choose one of the topics suggested below. . You cannot write on the water cycle, photosynthesis, animal development, or how bodily organs perform their functions.

**If you consult outside sources, you must include an MLA or APA reference page.


Grammar and coherence 10 points
Diagram (cited, titled, referenced in text) 10 points
Consistent use of person, mood, and tense 10 points
Organization 10 points
Formatting (use of parallel headings, etc.) 10 points
Content and use of detail 25 points
TOTAL: 75 points


How a wifi network works

How red wine is made

How picked cotton is turned into fabric

How pencils are made

How a toilet flushes

How an airplane takes flight

How a piano produces sound

How a diamond forms

How a virus infects a computer

How mail is processed by the USPS

How satellites work

How suspension bridges are built

How an air conditioner works

How milk goes from the cow to the carton

How a convection oven works

How glass is recycled

How beavers build dams

How juries are selected

How peanut butter is made

How a spider catches its prey

How a defibrillator works

How plant fiber become paper

How corn becomes ethanol

How sinkholes form

How the Heimlich maneuver is performed on an adult

How pyramid schemes work

How to become a police officer

How an amendment is added to the Constitution

How sponges reproduce

How coins are made

How sewage is treated

How 3D glasses work

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