Professional Licensure Plan

In this assignment, you will explore the requirements for licensure in the state where you plan to practice. You will develop a professional licensure plan (PLP) that helps you outline a sequential timeline for acquiring licensure.

Tasks: Utah clinical Mental Health Counselor Professional Licensure Plan (PLP) Web site:

  • Explain the requirements and the sequence of the licensure process in UTAH where you plan to practice. You must cite the source from where you obtain the state licensure information.
  • Create your PLP that reflects a detailed timeline of your route to acquiring licensure. Your plan should begin with meeting requirements for the CMHC program.
  • Include details on:
    • The required graduate course work for licensure in the state where you plan to practice
    • The number of required graduate credit hours for licensure in the state
    • The names and types (e.g., multiple choice, case scenarios) of the state licensing exams
    • The number of years and hours of required experience after you get your master’s degree
    • The number and types of required supervision hours after the master’s experience
    • The person who is qualified and approved to provide supervision
    • Approved settings for completing the post-masters supervision
    • Any other specialty courses you must complete prior to obtaining licensure (e.g., domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, laws and rules, etc.)
    • Number of hours of continuing education you must complete in each licensure period in order to have your license renewed
    • Crimes that might or would prevent a person from becoming a licensed counselor
  • Frame the timeline to include the following:
    • When will you attend residencies?
    • When will you take your last CMHC program class?
    • When will you begin and finish the practicum/internship?
    • When will you complete your portfolio?
    • When will you graduate from the CMHC program?
    • When will you take the state licensing exams?
    • When will you meet the experiential and supervision licensure requirements?
    • When will you expect to become fully licensed?

Your final product will be a 3- to 5-page Microsoft Word document written in APA format, utilizing at least three scholarly sources. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Note that this assignment would be an excellent portfolio artifact to include in your portfolio.

Submission Details:

  • By the due date assigned, save your document as M2_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc and submit the document to the Submissions Area.

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