Psychology Debate

Instructions: Psychology has had a problematic relationship regarding its status and recognition as a “Science”, and part of the problem has to do with how we perceive and value what is scientific (and what is not scientific). In this sense, the problem goes beyond affirming that Psychology is (or isn’t ) a Science. Taking this into consideration elaborate an argument that discusses one (1) of the following:

A) Discuss the debate regarding concept of “paradigm” and its relationship to Psychology (as a discipline and form of knowledge), taking into consideration how this influences how we view Psychology as a Science (and what kind or type of science).

B) Discuss some of the proposals regarding Psychology’s status as a science and its problems regarding methodology and epistemology.

Word format, a letter size twelve (12) and a spacing of one and a half (1.5) between sentences (or line spacing in the paragraph options). The extension of the work should not be less than three (3) pages or greater than five (5) pages of content (not title page or cover of any kind is required).

  • hergenhahn___henley_2014._introduction..pdf
  • leahey_mythical_revolution_american_psychology.pdf
  • santiago_relevance_of_vygotskys_developmental_perspective_to_the_debate_on_methodology.pdf
  • skinner_why_i_am_not_a_cognitive_psychologist_1977.pdf
  • sternberg_unified_psychology.pdf
  • teo_functions_of_knowledge_in_psychology.pdf

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