public health disaster.

Read the manual on public health emergency response (attached below). This manual describes a potential cohesive complete public health response to a public health disaster. Not all aspects will be used in all responses. Much like Incident Command System (ICS) it can be scaled as appropriate. Find one example of a public health emergency in the United States in the last 20 years and develop a 20-25 slide PowerPoint about the incident: What happened, who responded, what public health measures were involved and how did the situation resolve itself? Use the topics presented in the manual to shape your presentation. We expect that you will be able to cite specific details and page numbers from this manual to support how the incident was mitigated.

Important notes:

1- just put brief points in each slide, and put a discrimination in the comments below of each slide. Imagine yourself the presenter of this power point, you would put a description just points in each slide and description in the comments below including simple words so you can read easily.

2- Use APA format for citation.

3- Include pictures as much as you can

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