public opinion concepts and methodology

This project is used as an assessment of your ability to understand public opinion concepts and methodology. You are required to select a contentious topic, research any previous polls over this topic and discuss them thoroughly. Include all information you can gather over the methodology, sample size, etc. Detail why it is important to conduct the poll again or why the previous poll should be done with improved methods. Furthermore, you are to create your very own public opinion survey over this issue. Detail the questions you will ask, how you will get your sample, discuss validity and reliability, role of the media and other important factors covered in the course literature. Given that this project is designed to be worked on over the entire semester, detail and thoroughness are expected. There is no minimum page or maximum page requirement. However, this project must demonstrate that you have invested time, consideration, and a mastery of course concepts. A rubric which details the evaluation criteria for this project will be provided.

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