research article

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Write a research article in IEEE Format on “best practice in the development of an appropriate and effective database system”. The research article can be approximately 2500 words.

Present the research article using a poster presentation covering the following aspects of research:

Ø Problem specification, importance of research and research questions

Ø Theoretical framework

Ø Rigor of literature review

Ø Methods or empirical analysis techniques

Ø Key findings and conclusions;


It should have Table of Contents.

iv. Use page numbers.

v. Assignment should be typed in your own words using Times New Roman font.

vi. Use Diagrams to explain in detail.

vii. Use suitable notations in your diagrams.

viii. Use appropriate SQL syntax wherever applicable.

ix. Copy paste from the Internet is strictly not acceptable.

x. References should be included in the last page and literature under pinning is needed at the point of explaining the concept.

xi. Attach the evidences (if any).

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