Research Economic Considerations – “Quarantine and Emergency Preparedness”


Option # 2: Research Economic Considerations – “Quarantine and Emergency Preparedness”

This week, you are researching various elements that will go into your final case study as part of your final Community Action Plan. Review the Portfolio Project description and grading rubric in the Module 8 folder.

This week, conduct research on the following:

  • What might be some of the expenses associated with solving the public health issue you have identified? Think about labor, infrastructure, advertising, transportation, and building materials, for example.
  • What could be some possible economic ramifications if a solution is not found to the public health issue?
  • What are the economic benefits, and to whom, of finding solutions to the public health issue you have identified?


  • Write a well-organized list that is a 2- to 3-page paper, not including the title and reference pages, which are required.
  • The paper must be formatted correctly using APA style. Remember, all research material used in your paper must be paraphrased and include an in-text citation.
  • Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
  • This is an individual paper; however, you should reflect on our Discussion Forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.
  • Be sure you utilize your text appropriately as a reference and cite at least one other credible external reference such as a website or journal article to support your proposed resolution of the case.
  • Your external sources can be trade publications, government information, newspaper articles, or scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.



  • Chapters 6 & 7 in Global Public Health
  • Mansfield, T. J., Rodriguez, D. A., Huegy, J., & MacDonald Gibson, J. (2015). The effects of urban form on ambient air pollution and public health risk: A case study in Raleigh, North Carolina. Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 35(5), 901-918. doi:10.1111/risa.12317


  • Liping, B., Yeyao, W., Yongli, G., Youya, Z., Li, L., Zengguang, Y., & … Xuefeng, X. (2016). Health risk assessment research on heavy metals ingestion through groundwater drinking pathway for the residents in Baotou, China. Journal of Environmental Health, 78(6), 84.
  • Kearns, M., & Brotherton-Bunch, E. (2014). Public policy transforms when health expertise and the public come together. National Civic Review, 103(1), 60-62. doi:10.1002/ncr.21180

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