research in healthcare informatics

PART 1: 4/4/19 SUBMISSION OF RESEARCH ARTICLE CRITIQUES Each student will write three research critiques from articles focused on research in healthcare informatics . The student should complete each critique utilizing the . The critiques do not have to be written in narrative form. All critiques should be submitted as one document. Requirements Title: Author(s): Purpose: Theoretical Framework: Population/Sample: Setting: Instrumentation (including validity and reliability): Research Design: Statistical Methods and Findings: (quantitative studies) Implications of the findings: Generalizability of the findings: (quantitative studies) Limitations: Study recommendations: Relevance of article research to your study: Bias:

PART 2: 4/14/19 SYNTHESIS OF RESEARCH ARTICLE CRITIQUES – The student will synthesize the information contained in the three articles completed for Part 1 of the assignment. The synthesis should be in written format utilizing APA style and conventions. The document should contain a title page, body (2-page minimum, 3 pages maximum), and reference page.

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