Research methods (inferential methods)

Hi, I need help with essay on Research methods (inferential methods). Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Download file “Research methods (inferential methods)” to see previ

Hi, I need help with essay on Research methods (inferential methods). Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Download file “Research methods (inferential methods)” to see previous pages…It is possibly influenced by the intervening variable as well.

Unit of Analysis: Whereas the independent variable is nominal and can only take the value of either Science or otherwise, the dependent variable is ordinal. This can be divided into a five point scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

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Since the response to this study and the assessment of the study is on individuals, this has to be looked at as individual cases. The dependent variable can become continuous while interpreting.

Sampling: The sampling size can be a larger fraction of the population because the target population is smaller. Of the science graduates nearly 20% of them can be taken up as samples. Only then the results will also be dependable. The sampling has to be random within a stratification formed ideally of genders.

Validity: The survey will be valid if the assumption is right. That is, to say, if the people are not travelling in public transport or do not walk down to the university, then they are lazy is right. Under this condition, the survey will hold good. However, this could be questioned by the intervening variable that has already been set.

The above graph indicates the age distribution in the Bradford 041A area. The above graph indicates that the demographic shift is moving towards more of middle aged and older people in the Bradford 041A region. …

This shows that the terraced bungalows are the most common ones in the region.

The above graph indicates the economic activity of the Bradford 041A region. This indicates there are a larger number of economically active people who are working full time and the self employed or enterpreneural spirit is in a few people comparitively which is even less than the unemployed.

3. Survey questions

Survey 1: Sampling mobile opinion – postcard questionnaire survey

The topic chosen for the survey is very interesting. The methodology has been designed very well. Generally post card surveys may not give the adequate response for a number of reasons that are beyond the control of the researcher. For instance, there could be a set of postcards that might have been responded well but may not have reached the researcher due to the vagaries of the postal system or might not been dropped in the post box due to negligence or forgetfulness. When we employ the FARCE system, F, A &amp. R might be correct and well designed but the aspects of engaging and connecting (C &amp. E) with the respondent is not there. Hence the level of accuracy is certainly less. The advantage with this system is that not much of time and energy is expended by the researcher.

Survey 2: Conference survey of professionals – online survey

With the advent of internet, this is one of the most popular surveys undertaken by researchers. The advantages are many: Firstly, the reach is far and wide and the survey can be completed in a few days time. Secondly the analytical part of the survey is also done immediately. This sort of a survey is a sophisticated form of the postcard survey. The only difference is that, in the ‘FARCE’ context, F, A, R &amp. C is taken in to account and E may or may not be left out.

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