research paper

Read the attached research paper (Yang et al. 2018) and 2 chapters as below mentioned and conduct research using the Google Scholar on Enterprise Risk Management and Firm Performance.

Write a 6 page (double space, Font – Georgia with font size 12) research paper on your findings on enterprise risk management and firm performance.

The research paper needs to refer to the following references

1. Yang, S.; Ishtiaq, M.; Anwar, M. Enterprise Risk Management Practices and Firm Performance, the Mediating Role of Competitive Advantage and the Moderating Role of Financial Literacy. J. Risk Financ. Manag. 2018, 11- 35(see attachment)

2. Chapter 18, BlueWood Chocolates (from ERM textbook (Fraser, J., Simkins, B., & Narvaez, K. (2014). Implementing enterprise risk management: Case studies and best practices. John Wiley & Sons.)

3. Chapter 19 Kilgore Custom Milling (from textbook)

In addition, the research paper needs to minimally refer to 3 peer reviewed journal papers. The bibliography should be included as a separate page and is not part of the 6 page requirement.

The research paper should include the following components

  1. Title Page (Not part of the minimum 6 page requirement)
  2. Abstract (quick review of the entire content of the paper, limited to 200-350 words)
  3. Introduction (1-2 pages, provides a broad overview of the topic and basic background information)
  4. Literature Review (2-3 pages, describes the research papers that you find in reference to enterprise risk management and firm performance, it can list theories about the subject, findings from other studies and research directions. Please ensure to refer to the case studies from the attached research paper Yang et al. 2018)
  5. Discussion (1-2 pages -This should include your thoughts on the topic and implications in reference to ERM and firm performance. Please draw on examples/other studies to support your thoughts)
  6. Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs, This provides a final summary of your research paper)
  7. Bibliography in APA format

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