research paper

This is a research paper based on the previous research. So my topic is migration. We had the option to choose from three topic and I choose migration. It has to be narrowed to one issue though. The research paper cannot only be about migration. Remember it is for a woman studies class. I think an issue would be the hardships woman face in the way to the country they are traveling to or the children they leave behind or the hardships they face once they get to the United States. Be specific on a a topic do not make it too broad. It is a 5 page paper. So from the annotated bibliography choose 4 and the book has to be one source, which is suffering families. There is two examples and an assignment sheet. So a research paper that is 5 pages with 5 sources one of them is the book and 4 others. FOCUS on one issue as mentioned. It should be in MLA format. Just follow the assignment sheet. Thank you.

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