research paper

Research Paper

  • The purpose of the research paper is to provide a survey of the Kerberos authentication protocol.
  • Items that should be addressed include, but are not limited to:
  1. Strengths of this authentication protocol.
  2. Weaknesses of this authentication protocol
  3. Description of algorithm to implement Kerberos
  4. Relevant examples of modern applications that utilize Kerberos.

Paper Requirements:

  • Length
    • Minimum 10 pages / Maximum 20 pages
    • The title page and references pages do not count towards the page length requirements.
    • Double spaced
    • Times New Roman Font
  • APA style (
  • At least 5 works cited
  • At least 2 of your references have to be scholarly peer-reviewed articles
  • Research paper will be checked for plagiarism so be sure to correctly cite your sources!

Research Presentation

  • Goal is to summarize your research paper

PowerPoint Presentation is required

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