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Unit VI Research Paper Outline

Provide a detailed outline of your research paper that will be due in Unit VIII. Your outline should be at least two pages in length. Please include a fully developed introductory paragraph within your outline. This will help you to develop a clear vision of the scope of your final paper.

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Unit VIII Research Paper

For your final research paper, choose any topic listed in the table of contents and write a five page minimum paper that analyzes the topic. You may choose to explore a very specific subtopic (e.g., how melting polar ice caps will affect the polar bear population), or you may choose to write a broader overview (e.g., a discussion about both sides of the climate change debate).

You may use the textbook as a reference, but the majority of your paper must be researched from outside sources.

Your paper must be supported by a minimum of five outside references from credible sources (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, Internet search, and governmental position statements).

NOTE: Unmonitored Web sites such as Wikipedia are NOT acceptable reference sources for a research paper; they may NOT be used in this course. To view a list of library resources and features, click on the My Library link in the Course Menu. The paper will be a minimum of five pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point type, APA Style (title page and reference page are not included in page length).

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