Research the usability method

  1. Research the usability method “A/B Testing”. You will present your results in a 10 – 15 minute power point presentation . Explain the methodology, provide examples, research any standards related to the method and provide references.
  1. In your own words, describe “User Experience”. What are the things that will increase or reduce the UX of a product? How can we improve the UX of a product or service? Give a positive and a negative UX example.
  1. There is a field named Human Factors and Ergonomics. What is this field about? Can you give some examples that the practitioners in this field study or develop? What are the differences of Human Factors from Human Computer Interaction?
  1. What is the UX iterative design process? Based on the methods you learned this semester so far (personas, Contextual Inquiry, usability methods, etc.) and the development (agile) and UX design process, how would you approach a project where you have to improve the usability of a course registration system at a university?
  1. How does the Gestalt principle – Figure/Ground apply to user interfaces? Explain using an example.
  1. What are the main differences between the following usability methods: interview and contextual inquiry?
  1. What is a persona? How do you develop a persona for a product? What are the some of the elements of a persona?

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