Review scenario 1.

Review scenario “1. Cool College Start-Ups” under “Making Business Decisions” at the end of Ch. 3 of Business Driven Technology.

Scenario 1

1. Cool College Start-Ups

Not long ago, people would call college kids who started businesses quaint. Now they call them the boss. For almost a decade, Inc. magazine has been watching college start-ups and posting a list of the nation’s top start-ups taking campuses by storm. Helped in part by low-cost technologies and an increased prevalence of entrepreneurship training at the university level, college students—and indeed those even younger—are making solid strides at founding companies. And they’re not just launching local pizza shops and fashion boutiques. They are starting up businesses that could scale into much bigger companies and may already cater to a national audience.

Research Inc. magazine at and find the year’s current Coolest College Start-up listing. Choose one of the startups and explain how the business can use BPR, CRM, SCM, and ERP to help it gain traction in the market. Be sure to explain how the company can gain a competitive advantage by using each enterprise system efficiently and effectively.

Navigate to Inc. and find this year’s current Coolest College Start-ups article.

Choose one of the organizations and explain how the business could benefit from using CRM, SCM, and ERP to establish themselves in the marketplace. What strategy would you suggest for the success of SCM in that organization? Be sure each enterprise system is included in your answer and keep “system’s thinking” in mind. Is the company using a SCM system software? Are there other software packages that would work better? If so, what would you suggest? Explain your answer.

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, address any thoughts you have on strategies used to evaluate the success of SCM in an organization and the advantages and disadvantages of using SCM system software packages.

Students need to contribute three substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts can be any combination of responses and replies.

Peer 1

The company I investigated was Drone MVP, they take amazing drone footage and create videos for you. They basically connect with people that are trying to make videos of Areal footage of a house or business, etc. They take the raw footage and edit it making a finalized video that meets what you are looking for.

Integrating ERP and CRM would allow them to easy track customers and services sold, this would also give them ability to have business intelligence to find new industry markets to move into. I would not necessarily recommend any specific one, they are all different and have different modules to meet individual company needs. As the company grows they will have more of a need to ensure all departments have the same data to expand without having issues. I would suggest at least both CRM and ERP, not so much SCM from what I have been able to find about their company.


Peer 2

app that will help predict when a person with autism is close to having a meltdown. It doesn’t like this product has made it to market yet – from what I gathered from their website it looks like they are still in the research and development phase. At this point, it may be premature for them to invest in an expensive ERP/SCM/CRM system, so the below suggestions will help them in the future:

A CRM system will help them keep track of all their customer data and interactions, including specific customer needs, and which products are the best fit for their individual situation. This system can help them customize their sales and marketing efforts to each customer.

An SCM system will enable them to keep track of all the suppliers up and down their supply chain, including raw materials, manufacturing, inventory and delivery. They can monitor the fluctuations in supply and demand so that they can make the correct business decisions.

AN ERP system combines the different modules, including CRM and SCM that integrate all the business departments into one cohesive system. As their business grows, an ERP system will become more important to ensure that all departments have access to the same data.

Because this company is very new and has not launched its product yet, I don’t think they are using a SCM system. It seems to me that a simple database system might be all they need at this point, and then move up to a SCM system once they launch their product/app.


Gaia Wearables. ND. Retrieved from

Peer 3

Hello everyone!

I am going to use CalypsoAI an artificial intellignece focused on solving A.I cybersecurity issues.

They use a tool that shows data distribution integrity metrics.

uses a high automated software and scalable infrastructure. AI can help adjust inputs and perform human like task using this tool. Might help catch the cyber hackers

This company can use SCM to allow to deliver its AI product to end users for low cost

CRM cn allow the business to manage business relationship data

ERP helps to integrate various functions into one complete system. ERP would help the automation part to store data in a centralized location, making data readily accessible to all the users who need it to perform security task and enabling automated communication between silos or departments.

Reference: INC., 50 World Changing Startups to Watch in 2019, by Anna Meyer,


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